Who played a gay man in EastEnders?

Who played a gay man in EastEnders?

Michael Cashman

Who was the first gay in EastEnders?


Who is Jane’s brother on EastEnders?

Christian Clarke

What year was Syeds wedding?


Did Syed and Amira have a baby?

It is revealed that Amira has a daughter. Syed discovers that Zainab had Amira’s contact details and phoned her, however when her father answers, he informes Syed that Amira had left two weeks ago without a forwarding address.

Is Preeya Kalidas married?

BBC Asian Network – Preeya Kalidas, Married At First Sight’s Bronson.

Who is John Partridge partner?

Jon Tsourasm. 2011

Why did Jane leave EastEnders?

On 23 October 2017, Jane made a previously unannounced departure from the show after being forced to leave Walford by Max Branning (Jake Wood). Of her departure, Brett commented: “I’ve loved every minute of playing Jane Beale. To return to EastEnders with such a huge storyline was an absolute gift.

Who shot Jane EastEnders?

In the late 2000s, Steven’s storyline focused on his hostile relationship with his dad, and involved stalking Ian, taking Ian hostage, multiple suicide attempts, and accidentally shooting his step mum, Jane (Laurie Brett).

Who are Ian Beales parents?

Sharon Watts

Who is Ian Beales dad?

Pete Beale

What happened to Ian Beales daughter?

Ian is inconsolable as he identifies her body and breaks the news to Jane, Denise, Cindy, Bobby and, later, Peter. It is revealed Lucy died because of a deliberate head injury. The police question the family and search Lucy’s bedroom.

Who killed Lucy storyline?

It was revealed on 19 February 2015 that Lucy was in fact killed by her younger brother, Bobby. Ian initially believes that Jane killed her, but it is later revealed that Jane covered for Bobby by placing Lucy’s body on Walford Common.

Did Cindy Beale die in EastEnders?

She first appeared 10 May 1988 and originally departed on 27 December 1990, before returning as one of the show’s central antagonists from 13 October 1992 until her exit episode on 10 April 1998; the character died off-screen of childbirth on 5 November 1998.

How does Cindy die in Eastenders?

Cindy, who had been forced to leave Lucy behind, was desperate to have her back – and followed Ian back to Walford with Nick. Cindy Beale later gave birth to her daughter (Ella Wortley and Cydney Parker) off-screen in prison, but Ian was later informed that she had died in childbirth from an embolism.

Does Cindy run off with David Wicks?

Cindy becomes obsessed with the idea of running off with David, and hires a hit man to kill Ian. Ian is shot but survives, and when David finds out he ends the relationship, but not before helping Cindy escape with her two sons.

Is Cindy Beale in jail?

Cue an attempt to dissolve the marriage by murder (divorce is just so passé, don’t you find?). Ian survived, Cindy fled Albert Square, lost her kids, ended up in prison and died in childbirth.

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