Who played Laura on Family Matters?

Who played Laura on Family Matters?

Kellie Shanygne WilliamsFamily Matters

What happened to the actress who played Laura Winslow?

Laura Winslow, played by Kellie Shanygne Williams Following her portrayal of the smart-aleck middle child (if you still count disappearing younger sis Judy) Laura Winslow, Kellie Shanygne Williams is now Kellie Jackson and has stepped away from the spotlight.

Who is Laura Winslow married to?

Hannibal Jackson

Is Laura from Family Matters dead?

22 after a struggle with stomach cancer. Television actress Michelle Thomas, 30, a co-star on the sitcom “Family Matters,” died Dec. 22 after a struggle with stomach cancer.

Does Laura marry Steve or Stefan?

The two are engaged, but not until after Laura makes a heart-breaking decision on whether to marry Steve or Stefan. Laura ultimately chose Steve over Stefan, and the alter-ego was retired and never seen again.

Why did Myra and Steve split?

In Season 9’s Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, he learned that she hated his makeover and demanded that he return to the “sexy” nerd she loved so much, suspenders and all. When Steve refused, Myra broke up with him first and it later turned out to be a plan to get him to renounce his love for Laura.

Is Steve Urkel and Stefan the same person?

Stefan Urquelle is an alter-ego character of Steve Urkel from the network of ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters who was portrayed by Jaleel White.

Did Laura marry Stefan?

Season 10. If the show continued in its final season, it would’ve been revealed that Myra had continued to be obsessed with Steve and makes attempts to stop his and Laura’s wedding, despite Stefan stopping her. She finally gives up on him and they’re finally married.

Why does Steve Urkel live with the Winslows?

Urkel’s parents fail to tell him they’ve moved to Russia (as an attempt to avoid him at all times), prompting him to move in with Eddie and Waldo(after Carl gave the two a sob story of his own). That is because he doesn’t want to be away from his girlfriend, Myra and wants to finish off his senior year in Chicago.

Did Steve Urkel live with the Winslows?

Urkel often hints that most of his relatives, including his (unseen) parents, despise him and refuse to associate with him. This culminates in the two moving to Russia without him, whereupon he moves in with the Winslows.

Did Steve Urkel have parents?

Parents: Dr. Herb Urkel (Father) Diane Roberta Urkel (Mother)

Do we ever meet Steve Urkel’s parents?

His parents are never seen, and we’re introduced to his cousin Myrtle Urkel who doesn’t live in the state. At one point during the series, Steve’s parents up and move to Russia, causing the Winslows to take pity on him and move him into their household.

Why don’t they show Steve Urkel’s parents?

It was stated that when Steve was born, Herb tried to push him back inside his wife’s body. It was also revealed that he and Diane had nothing but the utmost contempt for Steve and do their best to avoid him at all times, which explains why he hangs around the Winslow family a lot.

Why did they replace Harriet on family matters?

Two Actresses played Harriet Winslow Payton wanted to vacate the role much earlier. She was unable to do so because she was under contract. Judyann Elder would take on the role and would appear in the final nine episodes of the show. Payton would appear in the final episode, but as a different character.

How much does the Family Matters house cost?

Have mercy: The ‘Full House’ home can be yours… for $4 million! She added that the new property will be a solid brick building featuring one duplex, one simplex and one penthouse simplex. While the show’s interior scenes were filmed on a set, the exterior had a big role in the series.

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