Who runs NPR?

Who runs NPR?

NPR controversies

Type Public radio network
Revenue US$159 million
Net income US$18.9 million
Owner National Public Radio, Inc.
Key people Kevin Klose, president emeritus Joyce Slocum (interim), president and chief executive officer Mitch Praver, chief operating officer

Is This American Life NPR?

This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.

Is This American Life on Spotify?

The show is now streaming on Spotify, although only the 10 most recent episodes are currently available. “This American Life,” hosted by Ira Glass, is among the most successful audio series to date. “This American Life” is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and distributed by PRX (Public Radio Exchange).

Is this American life free?

How do I get the This American Life podcast? New episodes are free for ten weeks on podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Stitcher, etc. Our entire archive — all 600+ episodes — is available to stream or download on our app.

Is this American life real?

This American Life (TAL) is an American weekly hour-long radio program produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media and hosted by Ira Glass. Primarily a journalistic non-fiction program, it has also featured essays, memoirs, field recordings, short fiction, and found footage.

How old is Ira Glass?

62 years (March 3, 1959)

Who Owns This American Life?

Ira Glass

What is the best This American Life episode?

The 12 Best This American Life Episodes

  • No Coincidence, No Story.
  • 129 Cars.
  • Notes On Camp.
  • What’s Going On There.
  • Harper High School.
  • Christmas and Commerce.
  • Switched at Birth.
  • 20 Acts in 60 Minutes.

How much does Ira Glass make?

By 2020, This American Life reached more than 4.7 million listeners each week. Glass can be heard in all but four episodes. In July 2013, the 500th show was aired. For the 2013 fiscal year, the WBEZ board voted to raise Glass’s salary from $170,000 annually to $278,000.

How do I contact this American life?

Email us at [email protected] If you have a question and want a speedy answer: Check our FAQ for general questions about the show, streaming audio, podcasting, submissions, and pretty much everything else. If you’re looking for a story or a segment, try different keywords in our search engine.

Where is Zoe Chace from?

She explains that it’s a proprietary blend: a New England family, a Manhattan childhood, college at Oberlin in Ohio, and a first job as a teacher in a Philadelphia high school. The radio training comes from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and collaboration with NPR’s best editors, producers and reporters.

Is Ira Glass related to Philip Glass?

It’s no coincidence that composer Philip Glass and This American Life host Ira Glass have the same last name: They’re second cousins, but they didn’t know each other well when the Field Museum in the Chicago asked Ira to interview Philip on stage in 1999.

How do I pitch a podcast to NPR?

OK, thanks for all the advice, but how do I actually pitch?

  1. Shoot us an email at [email protected]
  2. Please keep your pitch to 250 words or fewer, total.
  3. If we want to move forward with your pitch, we’ll likely be in touch within a week or two.
  4. We can’t respond individually to every pitch.

How do I pitch a podcast on my network?

Tips for pitching podcasts

  1. Do your research. Before you even start working on your pitch, research is key.
  2. Keep it concise. Just like with any pitch, it’s important to keep this as brief as possible.
  3. Position your potential podcast guest as an expert.
  4. Don’t forget to follow up.

What makes a good pitch?

A good summary is better than a long speech. Limit the number of words on the slides and add as many images as possible. For a successful pitch, your slides should be simple, visually pleasing, and minimalistic. Have less details in your presentation and explain more through your responses to investors’ questions.

How long should a story pitch be?

Pitches for very short listicles or news stories won’t require more than a paragraph or two of explanation. A hundred words or so should be enough to get your point across. Personal essay pitches should be short and in the essay’s voice.

What is a pitch in English?

pitch noun (SLOPE) [ S ] the amount of slope, especially of a roof: This roof has a very steep/high/gentle/low pitch. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.7 dagen geleden

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