Who sings the EastEnders theme tune?

Who sings the EastEnders theme tune?

The London Theatre Orchestra

Who composed EastEnders theme?

Simon MayLeslie Osborne

How many Duff Duffs are in EastEnders theme song?

In the biggest stand off since the blue or white dress debate, no one could come up with a definitive answer – all hearing the iconic drum beat in different ways. Lycett said there were eight, while David claimed as ‘doof doof’ is a unit, then there’s only four.

When did the EastEnders theme change?

The original EastEnders theme was reinstated 11 April 1994, albeit a remixed version, as a consequence of the negative viewer feedback to the so-called Jazzy Theme. The graphics themselves, however, remained unchanged until 2 September 1999.

Why is it called Julia’s theme?

Julia’s Theme. “Julia’s Theme” refers to an alternative version of the usual theme, which was named after one of the show’s creators, Julia Smith. This theme sees a change to the way an episode ends. Normally an episode ends with drums which are known to many as “doof doofs” or “duff duffs”.

Who has had the most EastEnders Duff Duffs?


Rank. Character No. of duff-duffs
1 Melanie Owen 19
2 Ben Mitchell 19
3 Sharon Mitchell 16
4 Phil Mitchell 13

Who has had the most doof Doofs?

The Greatest Cliffhangers Count (2010)

No. Character 2010 Count
1 Phil Mitchell 206
2 Ian Beale 141
3 Sharon Watts 138
4 Grant Mitchell 131

How many Doofs EastEnders ended?

nine doof doofs

What is the EastEnders theme tune called?

Anyone Can Fall in Love

What was the song played at the end of EastEnders tonight?

The mournful track over the closing montage was iconic jazz singer Nina Simone’s 1964 version of ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’, which you can buy by clicking here.

What was the name of Robbie’s dog in EastEnders?


What breed of dog was Wellard?

Belgian Shepherd

Is Wellard Wilson?

One of the many pooches who played Wellard (Image: Rex) She told Pedigree’s Dog Talk Blog: “Wellard from Eastenders is one of them, she is now 15, and her grandson has starred in Mad Dogs and was Wilson in Friday Night Dinner…

Who had well hard in EastEnders?

In October 1994, Walford resident Robbie Jackson takes in a dog he assumes to be a stray, naming him Wellard. The dog’s owner, Mr Hammond, locates him and demands him back, but Wellard later returns to Albert Square of his own accord. Robbie realises he has been mistreated and has run away.

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