Who suggested the two-factor theory?

Who suggested the two-factor theory?

psychologist Frederick Herzberg

What is the most important difference between the Schachter singer two-factor theory of emotion and the James-Lange theory of emotion?

The Cannon-Bard theory proposes that emotions and arousal occur at the same time The James-Lange theory proposes the emotion is the result of arousal Schachter and Singer’s two-factor model proposes that arousal and cognition combine to create emotion

Why is the James-Lange Theory criticized?

The James-Lange theory states that stimulating events trigger a physical reaction Another criticism of the James-Lange theory is that physical reactions don’t have a single corresponding emotion For instance, heart palpitations could suggest fear, excitement, or even anger

What are the 3 components of an emotional response?

An emotional response consists of three types of components: behavioral, autonomic, and hormonal

What is Schachter Singer theory?

the theory that experiencing and identifying emotional states are functions of both physiological arousal and cognitive interpretations of the physical state Also called attribution of emotion; cognitive arousal theory of emotion; Schachter theory; two-factor theory of emotion

What is Stanley Schachter best known for?

Schachter was internationally known for his work in social psychology, especially his research into the interaction of social and physiological determinants of behavior His work has had a major impact on current views of emotion and of disorders such as obesity and nicotine addiction

Why is the two factor theory of emotion called that?

The two-factor theory of emotion states that emotion is based on two factors: physiological arousal and cognitive label According to the theory, when an emotion is felt, a physiological arousal occurs and the person uses the immediate environment to search for emotional cues to label the physiological arousal

What did Stanley Schachter contribution to psychology?

Stanley Schachter (April 15, 1922 – June 7, 1997) was an American social psychologist, who is perhaps best known for his development of the two factor theory of emotion in 1962 along with Jerome E Singer In his theory he states that emotions have two ingredients: physiological arousal and a cognitive label

When given a drug that produced general arousal?

When given a drug that produced general arousal, research participants placed in a room with happy confederates described their emotional state as happy, while those placed in a room with an angry confederate described their emotional state as angry

How do you reduce arousal?

Two Powerful Ways to Reduce Emotional Arousal

  1. Here are two ways to reduce emotional arousal:
  2. Meditation According to research, meditation may be one of the most effective means for decreasing anxiety, panic, and persistent anger
  3. Progressive muscle relaxation While meditation quiets the mind, progressive muscle relaxation can provide physical rest

What are the levels of arousal?

A person’s Level of Arousal can be described as a function of alertness, situational awareness, vigilance, level of distraction, stress and direction of attention In effect, how ready a person is to perform appropriate tasks in a timely and effective manner

Which part of the brain is responsible for arousal?

The neurons arise in the ventral tegmental area in the midbrain, and projects to the nucleus accumbens, the striatum forebrain, limbic system, and prefrontal cortex The limbic system is important for control of mood, and the nucleus accumbens signal excitement and arousal

What hormone turns a girl on?

The two main female sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone Although testosterone is considered a male hormone, females also produce and need a small amount of this, tooProgesterone

Phase Range
before puberty 3 ng/mL
during first (follicular) stage of menstrual cycle 7 ng/mL

What is optimal level of arousal?

Optimal arousal is a psychological construct referring to a level of mental stimulation at which physical performance, learning, or temporary feelings of wellbeing are maximized (Smith 1990) It can also be described as the degree of energy release and the intensity of readiness

What is emotional arousal?

Emotional Arousal is a state of heightened physiological activity This includes having strong emotions like anger and fear and we go to the emotional arousal state in response to our daily experiences For example the fight, flight or freeze response is a state of emotional arousal

What causes low arousal?

Physical issues that can cause low libido include low testosterone, prescription medicines, too little or too much exercise, and alcohol and drug use Psychological issues can include depression, stress, and problems in your relationship About 4 out of age 45 have low testosterone

How many basic arousal states are there?

Paul Ekman identified six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise

Can you remember emotions?

Emotional Memory: Vivid Recall of Feelings Most people can put themselves into a pleasant frame of mind simply by recalling a wonderful past event At the same time, memories can bring back negative emotions as well, including jealousy, envy, guilt or anger

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