Who takes in Thaipusam?

Who takes in Thaipusam?


Thaipusam தைப்பூசம்
Also called தமிழர் திருவிழா
Observed by Hindu Tamils, Hindu Malayalis, Hindu Tamil Sri Lankans, Hindu Tamil Malaysians, Hindu Tamil Singaporeans, Hindu Tamil Indonesians, Hindu Tamil Caribbeans, Hindu Tamil Fijians, and Hindu Tamil Mauritians
Type Ethnoreligious

Why do Indians take Kavadi?

By carrying the kavadi, it is believed that it helps them to surrender their sins – ego, anger, lust, greed and hatred. Kavadi bearers is believed to enter into a trance-like state known as “arul vaku” with chanting and beats of the drum.

Which kavadi sees devotees piercing their tongues and cheeks?

Rituals During Thaipusam The tongue and cheeks are pierced by two symbolic skewers to show that a pilgrim sacrifices the gift of speech. Many of the pilgrims fast, shave their heads, and walk long distances to be there. Devotees carry kavadis that pierce or stab their bodies.

Is Thaipusam Lord Murugan birthday?

Many mistaken that it was a celebration of Lord Murugan’s birthday. according to a research by Murugan.org, (refer here –> http://murugan.org/research/duraiswamy-vaikasi-visakam.htm ), the birthday of Lord Murugan is actually “Vaikāsi Visākam”, celebrated in the Vaikasi month, (May/June) .

Why Murugan has 2 wives?

Symbolism. The presence of the two consorts is said to denote the dual nature of Murugan, as the god of heaven and earth. Devasena, the celestial wife, is married in a traditional arranged marriage while the earthy Valli is won by Murugan, resulting in a love marriage.

What do you do during Thaipusam?

Thaipusam is a public holiday in Malaysia Devotees prepare themselves for the occasion by cleansing their bodies through fasting and abstinence, and usually observe a vegetarian diet for a certain period of time.

How does Malaysia celebrate Thaipusam?

Thaipusam is the second largest Hindu festival in Malaysia and is celebrated in honour of Lord Subramaniam, also known as Lord Murugan. To mark this day of penance and thanksgiving, Hindus pierce their body with metal skewers and carry pots of milk on their heads along a four-kilometre procession.

Which is one of the biggest Hindu festival in Malaysia?


Who is Lord Murugan?

Murugan, chief deity of the ancient Tamils of South India, son of the warrior goddess Korravai. He was later identified in part with the North Indian war god Skanda. His favourite weapon was the trident or spear, and his banner carried the emblem of a wild fowl.

Is Thaipusam a national public holiday in Malaysia?

ALOR SETAR: The Thaipusam “public holiday” in Kedah is an “event holiday” (cuti peristiwa) and not a gazetted holiday.

Is there Thaipusam 2021?

Thaipusam 2021 will be celebrated on 28th January, Thursday. Here you will find the details about the history and significance of this festival. Thaipusam is the Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Is Thaipusam a 2021 holiday?

Fortunately, the holiday list 2021 in Tamil Nadu will have Thaipusam as a state holiday. The chief minister Edappadu K Palaniswami released a press notification on 5th January 2020 on the official website of Tamil Nadu Government. He declared Thaipusam 2021 public holiday on 28th January.

What are the gazetted public holidays in Malaysia?

Public Holidays in Malaysia

  • Chinese New Year.
  • Wesak Day.
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri – 2 days Merdeka Day (31 August)
  • Hari Raya Haji.
  • Agong’s Birthday.
  • Malaysia Day (16 September)
  • Deepavali.
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday.

What if public holiday falls on Saturday in Malaysia?

For a public holiday that falls on a Saturday, you should get either a day off or salary in lieu. If a public holiday falls on your rest day, the following working day will be a paid public holiday. If you are not covered by the Employment Act, it will be according to the terms of your employment contract.

Is Sunday a holiday in Malaysia?

Religious day is Friday, but business weekend is Saturday and Sunday. It depends on the state. For the states of Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor, the weekend is Friday and Saturday, though in Johor many private businesses observe the Saturday-Sunday weekend instead.

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