Who tried to kill the Platts?

Who tried to kill the Platts?

Actor Brian Capron who played Richard Hillman actually wanted his character to get killed off, as he wanted that rather than his character going to prison. Around 19.2 million viewers turned in when Richard confessed to his wife Gail about his crimes in February 2003.

Did Richard Hillman kill Emily Bishop?

Just a few weeks later, though, Richard tried to kill Emily again by hitting her on the head as she babysat for little Joshua Peacock. But when mum Maxine interrupted his murder attempt, it was her who became the killer’s next victim.

Who played Richard Hillman in Corrie?

Brian CapronCoronation Street

What happened Richard Hillman?

Richard Hillman followed “Bring It On” with several small projects, including 2001’s “Legally Blonde.” He died at the age of 34 in 2009.

Who killed Emily Bishop husband?

Ed Jackson

Who is Brian Capron married to?

Jacqueline Bucknellm. 2003

Is Brian Capron married?

Where is Brian Capron now?

Richard then returned to the street to tie up the Platts and bundled them into a car before driving them into a river, but they all managed to escape alive while he drowned. Since this turbulent period of being one of the most recognisable soap actors, Brian has moved to Hove where he now lives with his family.

Who did Gail Platt marry in Coronation Street?

Gail and Martin marry in September 1991 and in December, Martin buys number eight and the Platt family move in. Gail’s emotional trials are far from over. When Martin studies to become a nurse, Carmel Finnan (Catherine Cusack), a fellow student, stays with them in late 1992 and becomes besotted with Martin.

How many of Gail Platts husbands have died?

Gail Platt, played by actress Helen Worth, has had a whopping FIVE husbands! Each of her marriages have ended in disaster, with her husbands either dying or cheating.

Did Joe Mcintyre marry Gail?

On 8 January 2010, Joe marries Gail, with Joe thrilled that his problems are finally over. She is given away by Ted, and the best man is Gail’s son Nick.

How old is Gail in Coronation Street in real life?

The 70-year-old Corrie legend isn’t on Gail’s level of marriages as she’s only walked down the aisle twice in real life.

Is Helen Worth leaving Coronation Street?

Helen Worth is set to leave Coronation Street when her character Gail Platt moves to Thailand. “You just keep your fingers crossed and hope they want the character to continue.

Which soap character has been married the most?

Steve is Coronation Street’s most married character, having been married seven times to five women. In September 2015, Gregson announced a break due to personal reasons, and Steve was off-screen from November 2015 to 22 April 2016.

How did Samir Rachid die?

Deirdre’s third marriage, to Moroccan toyboy Samir Rachid, came to a premature end when Samir died after being attacked en route to the hospital to donate a kidney to drug-addled Tracy.

How did Deirdre die?

Her family arrange a surprise sixtieth birthday party for her at The Rovers, but Bev arrives at the Barlow house to break the news that Deirdre has died, possibly after suffering a brain aneurysm, caused by her many years of chain smoking.

What happened to Zoe’s baby in Coronation Street?

In the end, Zoe took back the baby and named her Shannon Tattersall. However Shannon develops meningitis and dies in April 1998. Zoe lashes out at everyone due to losing her daughter.

How old is Kenbarlow?

The 88-year-old star who plays Ken Barlow, has taken time off from the ITV soap.

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