Who used to live on Easter Island?

Who used to live on Easter Island?

The Rapa Nui people living on Easter Island arrived long, long before the outside world discovered them—scientists believe the island was first inhabited by seafaring immigrants from the Marquesas Islands in Polynesia some time between 400 and 1250 AD.

How many people live on Easter Island?

Despite its extreme seclusion, most people know of Easter Island for one reason: the moai sculptures. And they are enough to attract nearly 100,000 travelers every year to this island of just 5,700 inhabitants.

Why did the population of Easter Island collapse?

Destruction of society and population. A series of devastating events killed almost the entire population of Easter Island in the 1860s. Such devastating events that contributed to the downfall and collapse of the Easter Island society can be attributed to the rapid deforestation during the time of moai-construction.

How expensive is it to live on Easter Island?

Overview of how much an Easter Island vacation costs

Expense Cost (daily)
Accommodation Double room $35,000 CLP ($54 USD)-$59,000 CLP ($90 USD)*
Food $5,000 CLP-$8,000 CLP ($8 USD-$12 USD)
Transportation $24,000 CLP ($37 USD)
Total $66,000 CLP ($100 USD)

Does Easter Island have an airstrip?

Mataveri International Airport or Isla de Pascua Airport (IATA: IPC, ICAO: SCIP) is at Hanga Roa on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) (Isla de Pascua in Spanish). The airport is the main point of entry for thousands of tourists who come to Easter Island to see its Moai statues. …

How old are the heads at Easter Island?

This is a question of much debate among scholars in the field, although there is a consensus they were built sometime between 400 and 1500 AD. That means all the statues are least 500 years old, if not much more.

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