Who was Bianca mum in EastEnders?

Who was Bianca mum in EastEnders?

Carol Jackson

Who is Whitney’s mum and dad in EastEnders?

Born on 8th December 1992, Whitney first appears in EastEnders when she and her family; mother figure Bianca Jackson, half-sister Tiffany Dean, and Bianca’s sons Liam and Morgan are evicted by their landlord for failure to pay rent.

How are Sonia and Bianca related?

Well it’s a fairly simple answer, as Sonia is Tiffany’s aunt – with Tiff’s mother, Bianca, being her sister. She moved away from Walford when Bianca and her current partner Terry Spraggan (Terry Alderton) went to live in Milton Keynes, returning to Albert Square in 2018.

Is Sonia Bianca’s sister?

Sonia Jackson (previously Fowler) is the daughter of Carol Jackson and Terry Cant, sister of Bianca, Robbie and Billie and mother of Bex.

Is Natalie Cassidy single?

Off-screen actor Natalie leads a more chilled-out life and loves to keep her fans and followers up to date with glimpses of her private family life. The mum-of-two is engaged to Marc Humphreys, who is a cameraman on the soap.

Who is Bianca to Sonia?

Bianca Jackson first arrived with her family; including mother Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson), her love interest Alan Jackson (Howard Antony), and Bianca’s three half-siblings Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney), Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) and Billie Jackson (Devon Anderson).

Why did Carol Jackson leave Eastenders?

EASTENDERS fans have revealed their shock over Carol Jackson’s exit from the soap. The latest episode showed Carol making the decision to leave the Walford after hearing that her brother Max would be in jail for 20 years after being convicted for the murder of Lucy Beale.

Does Alan marry Carol?

Despite Carol’s family’s prejudices, Alan and Carol decide to marry, taking April’s slot at the church after she is jilted. After the ceremony, Alan is attacked by a drunken Derek, who has come simply to cause trouble. David intervenes and beats up Derek, making Alan and Carol grateful.

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