Who was Robert Clive and what did he do?

Who was Robert Clive and what did he do?

Clive served twice as Governor of Bengal (1758-60 and 1764-67). His first administration witnessed the virtual plundering of the province and he returned to Britain to be denounced in Parliament as a corrupt ‘nabob’.

Who was Robert Clive discuss about his role in the company?

Robert Clive was the Governor of Bengal from 1757-60 and from 1765-67. During his first tenure as Bengal’s governor, under the Nawab Mir Jaffar, corruption was rampant. The company’s sole aim was maximising revenue at the expense of the peasants.

What did Sir Robert Clive do in 1750?

In 1750 Sir Robert Clive Defeated the French military assault in India. In 1750 Sir Robert Clive Defeated the French military assault in India. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What bad things did Robert Clive do?

Leading historians view Robert Clive as unworthy of celebration since his reputation falls far short of the values demanded of public office and because his administrative failures led to the catastrophic Bengal famine of 1769–1773. He has been described as the ‘worst corporate figure in British history’.

Why did people not like Robert Clive?

In 1772, he was put on trial in Parliament for the practices of the Company in India. The havoc caused by the Bengal famine once again turned criticism towards Clive in the Parliament that blamed him and the Company’s abuse of monopoly rights for the sake of personal gains at the expense of the people of Bengal.

Why was Clive given punishment?

Explanation: Clive returned to bengal to control the rampant corruption and extortion practiced by the british authorities. In his absence, making enemies while suppressing oppressive british rule.

Where was Clive of India born?

Styche Hall

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