Who won the Football League in 1996?

Who won the Football League in 1996?

Manchester United

Who won the league in 1995 96?

Who won 1996/97 Premier League?

Who won the Football League in 1995?


Who won the Premier League 94 95?

Blackburn Rovers

Who won the first division in 1992?

Who won the league in 90 91?


Who has won the first division the most?


Who won the first division in 1990?

Who won first division in 1989?

Who won first division title in 1989?

Who won the first division in 1988?

What was the Premier League called in 1988?

The season saw Arsenal win their first league title for 18 years, in dramatic fashion, as they beat defending champions Liverpool 2–0 at Anfield to clinch the title on number of goals scored….1988–89 in English football.

Season 1988–89
Men’s football
First Division Arsenal
Second Division Chelsea
Third Division Wolverhampton Wanderers

How did Arsenal win the league in 1989?

Arsenal won by two goals, the margin they required to take the title. Midfielder Michael Thomas scored the second goal in the final seconds of the match, ending Arsenal’s 18-year wait to be crowned champions.

Who won the 1989 FA Cup semi final?

What happened in Hillsborough Liverpool?

On a sunny spring afternoon in 1989, a crush developed at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield resulting in the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans attending the club’s FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest. It remains the UK’s worst sporting disaster.

Who won the 1998 FA Cup final?

Arsenal F.C.

Who won FA Cup 1988?

Wimbledon F.C.

Who was Wimbledon manager in 1988?

Bobby Gould

What were wimbledons 1988 shock FA Cup winners known as?

Crazy Gang

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