Why are some smallmouth bass darker than others?

Why are some smallmouth bass darker than others?

If the fish is disturbed on the nest, or caught by an angler and placed in the livewell, the change in the “mood” of the fish probably contributes to the colour change and it turns lighter.

Why are smallmouth bass black?

Melanin production in these cells is greatly increased resulting in hyperpigmentation and a black spot. The inverse is also possible where cells do not produce melanin resulting in hypopigmentation.” Skin cells on a fish naturally change color depending on sunlight, stress, time of year, depth and water turbidity.

Do smallmouths bite in the winter?

If you know where to look, open-water smallmouth bass fishing can sometimes endure the entire winter, as long as you don’t mind ice in the rod guides and too frozen-to-tie fingertips.

Why are smallmouth different colors?

The coloration can vary greatly depending on the fishes age, habitat, water quality, diet, and the spawning cycle. Generally, the protruding jaw of the smallmouth doesn’t extend past the eyes which are red or brown.

How old is a 18 inch smallmouth bass?

That data showed that smallmouth in our area water can reach 18 inches long in as little as six years, but again, the data varied widely with different bodies of water.

What eats the smallmouth bass?

Predators. Predators include other fish, turtles and birds like ospreys and kingfishers.

Are smallmouth bass cannibals?

DIET: Young smallmouth bass feed on plankton and immature aquatic insects. Smallmouth bass are also known to be cannibalistic.

Can you eat smallmouth bass from a lake?

But there’s a strong catch-and-release ethic among bass anglers. Few smallmouth end up on the dinner table, so it’s not well known that they can be very fine eating, too. He said the lake’s smallies can withstand more harvest pressure, especially among the smaller fish that make for the best eating.

Does smallmouth bass taste good?

Smallmouth Bass It is a more delicate fish with a cleaner and sweeter taste. It is less fishy than largemouth. Smallmouth bath has a firm texture and white meat. The flavor is much milder than largemouth.

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