Why did Ben Mitchell leave EastEnders?

Why did Ben Mitchell leave EastEnders?

In May 2012 it was announced that Pascoe would be leaving the role at the end of his current storyline. Pascoe made his last appearance on 24 August 2012 when Ben went to prison for manslaughter. On 14 May 2014, Digital Spy revealed Ben would be returning, with another recast later in the year.

Does Ben get his hearing back in EastEnders?

Ben experienced additional hearing loss after hitting his head against the boat amid the crash in February. However, a trip to the hospital revealed that his hearing in his left ear would return, as his ear drum had been perforated following an altercation with Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher).

Will Keanu come back to EastEnders?

Following his dramatic exit storyline, Keanu briefly returned to the soap last year to say goodbye. He was forced to flee Walford after faking his own death when his affair with Sharon Mitchell was exposed.

Does Keanu return to EastEnders?

Keanu, who is played by Danny Walters, briefly returned to the show in February to see Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) and their newborn baby.

Did Martin kill Keanu EastEnders 2019?

EastEnders aired graphic scenes this Christmas, as Martin Fowler was ordered to murder Keanu Taylor by the Mitchells. Those at the centre of the storyline are now featured in a cover-up of Keanu’s apparent death, after he was shot dead by Martin.

What’s happened to Keanu in EastEnders?

What happened to Keanu in EastEnders? Following Keanu’s affair with Phil’s wife Sharon (Letitia Dean), Walford hard man – Ben Mitchell – sought revenge by blackmailing Martin into kidnapping and killing him. What they don’t know is that Martin never went through with the plan, instead allowing Keanu to escape.

How Old Is Keanu Taylor in EastEnders?

Keanu is 19 years old, while the actor who plays him is 25 years old. His lover Sharon Mitchell is 48, turning 49 next month, meaning there is almost 30 years between them.

Who did Martin shoot in EastEnders?

Martin Kemp soon quit the series after his contract to the show had expired, and his final scenes were aired on 1 March 2002 – the first anniversary of both Steve’s wedding and Phil’s shooting.

Who killed Jamie EastEnders?

Jamie Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jack Ryder. The character debuted on 9 November 1998 and became one of the show’s central protagonists until he was killed off on 25 December 2002….

Jamie Mitchell
Occupation Car mechanic

Who killed Saskia EastEnders?

After developing a friendship with club owner Steve Owen (Martin Kemp), Matthew is present to witness Steve accidentally killing his ex-girlfriend Saskia Duncan (Deborah Sheridan-Taylor) by hitting her on the head with a marbel ashtray following her jealous attack on him.

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