Why did Dennis Weaver walk with a limp?

Why did Dennis Weaver walk with a limp?

17. Dennis Weaver came up with Chester’s limp. He was told to distinguish his character from Dillon, so he decided that a limp would be a unique character trait to make Chester stand out. He ended up regretting this decision because it can’t be that easy limping week after week.

Why was Chester written off Gunsmoke?

Dennis Weaver, who played Marshal Dillon’s trusty sidekick, Chester, from the very beginning, left the show after season nine to free up time for other projects. In 1964, a new character joined the show to help Matt keep the peace.

What episode of Gunsmoke did Chester forget to limp?

Season two, episode 9 reveals that Chester was in the army. He would not have had the limp then, so probably got injured in the Civil War, not long ago, but long enough that he would have learned to live with the limp and virtually forget it.

Is Miss Kitty still alive?

(AP) _ Amanda Blake, who played Miss Kitty in the long-running ″Gunsmoke″ television series, died of AIDS-related complications, not cancer as previously reported, her doctor said Monday. Blake’s death certificate listed the immediate cause of death as cardiopulmonary arrest due to liver failure and CMV hepatitis.

Did Amanda Blake have a baby?

It is quite a normal situation if you ask “did Amanda Blake have children?” But the answer is No. Amanda Blake children and at the same time continuation of her talent and implementation of her beauty were not destined to see the world.

Did Amanda Blake die?


Did Miss Kitty have a child?

Sign in to vote. Miss Kitty secretly picks up the child of one of her best friends at the stage depot. The child, Thad (played by Roger Mobley), was sent to her because his mother was beaten to death by his father, a wanted outlaw named Tucker Ferrin.

How old is Amanda Blake?

60 years (1929–1989)

Why did Amanda Blake leave Gunsmoke before it ended?

Blake, who portrayed the saloon owner in CBS’s popular western TV series, left one season before the show ended. This was, primarily, due to the fact that she had been living in Phoenix and was commuting to Los Angeles for filming.

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