Why did Fiat change their logo?

Why did Fiat change their logo?

The idea to introduce those silver lines was initiated by the chief Fiat designer. He once saw big FIAT letters on the factory building and decided to modify the badge with the spaces inside the logo to make it more stylish and eye-catching.

When did Fiat change their logo?


What does Fiat mean in Italian?

The name of Fiat, the Italian car company, is an acronym, not only a nod to this powerful word. Its name originally stood for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, meaning loosely “Italian automobile factory of Turin,” the region in which the country was founded.

What is Peugeot’s logo?

A recognisable brand The lion symbol first appeared in 1847 when the PEUGEOT family were producing steel products. The lion image was used to represent the strength and sharpness of the products – symbolised through the lion’s jagged and sharp teeth. In 1858, the logo was registered as the PEUGEOT trademark.

What logo is a Tesla?

The Tesla logo is intended to represent the cross-section of an electric motor, Musk explained to a querying Twitter follower. Musk seemed to be referring to the main body of the “T” as representing one of the poles that stick out of a motor’s rotor, with the second line on top representing a section of the stator.

What is the Ferrari symbol?

Prancing Horse

What horse is on a Ferrari?

What is a Bentley symbol?

The symbol of Bentley, the brand of the legendary aristocratic make of cars from a “deluxe” class represents a winged letter “B” – an initial letter of the surname of the company founder Walter Bentley. The wings symbolize speed and an independence.

What is the symbol for Bugatti?

60 red dots adorn the narrow white outer edge of the Bugatti logo. Their meaning is speculated, with some believing the dots represent safety wires, which appeared like lace patterns on Bugatti models. Others believe the dots are pearls, symbolizing that Ettore Bugatti thought of his vehicles as “fine jewels.”

What kind of car does Elon Musk drive?

Tesla Model X

Which car does Bill Gates drive?

Porsche 959

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