Why did Harper Lee end TKAM the way she did?

Why did Harper Lee end TKAM the way she did?

The novel ends after Bob Ewell attacks Scout and Jem, and Boo Radley rescues them, killing Bob in the process. He thinks that protecting Jem from the law will undermine Atticus’s relationship with his children and everything that he has taught them.

Why did Harper Lee split the book into two parts?

Harper Lee separates To Kill a Mockingbird into two main parts in order to show the juxtaposition of the relatively carefree life of childhood in the rural South with that of the horrors of prejudice and racism that dominate life in Maycomb County of the 1930s. Lee then brings those two separate parts of the novel …

What was one of Miss Caroline’s mistakes on the first day of school?

What two mistakes did Miss Caroline make on the first day of school? Miss Caroline’s first mistake was to offer Walter Cunningham money; the Cunninghams don’t take anything they can’t pay back. Her second mistake was trying to tell Burris Ewell to go home and wash out his “cooties.”

Why is Miss Caroline having a hard time?

Expert Answers Much of the trouble that Miss Caroline Fisher encounters on her first day of teaching stems from the fact that she is an outsider, who does not relate or understand the backward, uneducated country children of Maycomb.

Why is Miss Caroline a bad teacher?

Expert Answers She is a poor teacher, mostly because she is inexperienced. Miss Fisher is young, no more than 21, and she shows her inexperience in two main ways. First, she expresses unhappiness that Scout already knows how to read. She tells Scout to let Atticus know not to teach her anymore.

How is Miss Caroline disconnected from her students?

One way Miss Caroline seems to be insensitive to her students’ needs is telling Scout that she could not have learned to read properly because her father (whom Scout says helped her learn how to read) “does not know how to teach.” Miss Caroline punishes Scout for knowing something which she should be applauding her for …

Why does Miss Caroline slap scout’s hand with a ruler?

Scout and Jem start school and Scout is especially happy about going to school. That was until her teacher, Miss Caroline, hit her with a ruler on her hand before the first morning was over. Miss Caroline didn’t like that Scout was literate and told her to tell Atticus not to teach her anymore.

Are we poor Atticus?

Atticus: We are indeed. Scout: [Are] we as poor as the Cunninghams? Atticus: No, not exactly. Cunninghams are country folks, farmers.

What does scout say to Mr Cunningham at the jail?

Scout says, “I sought once more for a familiar face, and at the center of the semi-circle I found one. ‘Hey, Mr. Cunningham. ‘ The man did not hear me, it seemed” (Lee 175).

Does scout like Cunninghams?

Overall, Scout had empathy for the Cunningham family. Her feelings toward Walter Cunningham, Jr., however, were complicated. She understood why when he did not bring lunch or lunch money to school.

Is scout a boy or girl?

The name Scout is a girl’s name. Scout, a character nickname from To Kill a Mockingbird (her real name was Jean Louise), became a real-life possibility when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore used it for their now grown middle daughter, followed by Tom Berenger a few years later.

Why was scout beating up Walter?

Why does Scout beat up Walter in the school yard before lunch? She beat him up because he “made her start off on the wrong foot” with Miss Caroline. He almost died because he ate the pecans from the Radley’s house that feel onto the school yard.

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