Why did the rioters go looking for death?

Why did the rioters go looking for death?

Why are the three rioters looking for Death? They are looking for Death because a boy told them it was death who killed the person in the coffin and other people in town. They expect to find Death sitting there under the tree, but instead they find treasure.

Why do the three rioters abandon their search for death?

Who are the three young rioters looking for and Why? Death, because they are angry about their friend who recently passed away. You just studied 15 terms!

Where does the old man say the rioters can find death?

English 12 – Canterbury Tales – The Pardoner’s Tale

What is “If you should live that long”? foreshadowing
The three rioters accuse the old man of being a spy for _____ Death
Where does the old man say the rioters will find Death? Up the road, under an oak tree

Why is it ironic that the rioters vow to kill death?

Why is it ironic that the rioters vow as brothers to kill death? Would you Categorize the irony is verbal or situational? They are planning to kill the supernatural force that will be their Actual doom. This irony is situational.

How do the three rioters die?

The youngest of the three buys a deadly poison in town and spikes his friends’ wine bottles with it, planning to kill them so that he can have all the gold for himself. When he gets back to the grove, his two friends kill him. The other two sit down to eat and drink, swallow the poison, and die painful deaths.

Why does the youngest rioter buy poison?

The youngest rioter comes up with the ideas to kill his two oldest with poison because he is in town first. To kill them both and never to repent.” >His plan is to poison the other two and then he would have the gold all to himself.

What is ironic about their attitudes toward death?

What is ironic about the attitudes of the rioters and the old man toward death? They’re looking for death and usually people would run from it. He claims death will be there but the find gold. Their greed of the gold leads to death.

What oath do the three drunks swear?

kill Death

What does the poor old man symbolize?

The old man can be “death” itself or a representation of death as he sends the three young men, who are looking for death, to an Oak tree where they find treasure and, ultimately, die. In other words, he sends them to a place where they find death or death finds them. One of the “rioters” calls him the death’s spy.

How does the old man characterize himself?

How does the old man characterize himself? A. they are little rude punks ‘why haven’t you died with. Neither death nor the ground will take him, and no-one will trade him for his age.

What is the significance of the old man lamenting his inability to die?

what is the significance of the old man lamenting his inability to die? after he finishes his tale he tries to sell the relics and pardons. what does the pardoner do immediately after he finishes his tale? the pardoners intent with this tale was to teach a moral lesson and he succeeded.

Why is the old man unhappy when the 3 rioters meet him?

Why is the old man unhappy when the rioters meet him? Use one detail from the poem to support your answer. he claims that his/ their time will come when it’s right. he thinks they’re disrespectful.

What does he demand the old man tell them before he can go?

The rioters demand that the old man tell them where Death is. He directs them to a grove, and he says that Death is at the foot an oak tree in that grove.

How do two of the rioters decide?

How do two of the rioters decide to increase their share of the gold? They plot to kill off the younger rioter who was sent to the town. In “The Pardoner’s Tale” the three rioters are sure that they can destroy Death, and yet they fail to see that they are falling into his trap.

What is said in the conversation between the three rioters and the old man?

While the three rioters in the Pardoner’s Tale are restlessly looking for death, they meet a poor, old man on the way. Although the old man talks to them very politely, they are very rude to him. This ancient man full meekly them did greet, And said thus: “Now, lords, God keep you and see!

How does the Pardoner keep his extravagant lifestyle?

How does the Pardoner keep up his extravagant lifestyle? His church pays for all his expenses. The Pope gives him money to spend. He sells authentic holy relics from Rome.

What do the three rioters represent?

The Three Rioters All three indulge in and represent the vices against which the Pardoner has railed in his Prologue: Gluttony, Drunkeness, Gambling, and Swearing. These traits define the three and eventually lead to their downfall.

Why does the old man and the three rioters to the tree?

the answer is: The old man sends the three rioters to the tree in the pardoner’s tale because he was leading them to their death. The old man represents death but the other representations were the greed of the man is the true downfall.

What plan do the rioters form together explain how this plan proves fatal to all three men?

His plan is to return and have the men toast, allowing the men to drink the poisoned wine so he can have all the gold for himself. When he returns he is stabbed to death, and the men take the poisoned wine to celebrate their success. The two men die from the poison.

What is the irony in the Pardoner’s Tale?

The irony of the Pardoner’s tale is that he preaches on the very sin he commits. The Pardoner’s prologue tells that he tries to pass off pig’s bones as relics of saints, a pillow case as a shawl worn by Mary, etc. He decieves people trying to buy pardons from their sins by selling false pardons to earn himself money.

Does the old man know that in directing the three rioters?

No they do not, they get greedy and go for the gold. Does the old man know that “in directing them to the oak tree” he is sending them to their deaths? Most likely, for how they were treating him so rudely. Once again, greed is the route of all evil.

What is he doing by telling them something that he himself knows is not true?

What is he doing to telling them something that he himself knows not true? A) he is trying to get them to find death, so they will die. he is encouraging them to drive death from the region.

What event prompts the three rioters to seek death?

What event prompts the three rioters to seek Death? The death of an old friend of theirs prompts the three rioters to seek Death, also hearing stories of Death killing many people in different villages.

How many husbands did the Wife of Bath have?

five husbands

What is a tightly structured plot event?

Tightly Structured Plot Events. Allegorical or Symbolic Figures. A Distinct moral or lesson. Virtuous or Evil Characters. Evil: The Rioters.

How is the old man a foil to the rioters?

He is a foil to the rioters in that he represents the wisdom of old age. Unlike the rioters, the old man is calm, sober, and respectful; he understands that human beings have no control over death.

In what way is their discovery at the old three unexpected?

1) The event that prompts the three rioters to seek death is the death of an old friend and the stories of death killing many people. 2) The way that their discovery at the old tree was unexpected is because they are seeking death to try to destroy them, but the old man they ran into was Death himself.

How essential is irony to the meaning of the story?

Why is it important? Authors can use irony to make their audience stop and think about what has just been said, or to emphasize a central idea. The audience’s role in realizing the difference between what is said and what is normal or expected is essential to the successful use of irony.

What is the moral of the Pardoner’s Tale?

The moral I find in “The Pardoner’s Tale” that is most applicable today is that even sinners desire forgiveness and wish to lead better lives. This lesson is shown in the ironic contrast between the tale the Pardoner tells and the way he lives his life. His tale condemns greed; his life exemplifies greed.

What is ironic about this discovery How is it different from what you expected?

Answer: It is different and ironic because the three men went expecting to find death and perhaps have a tragic ending, instead they find gold. A pile of golden florins on the ground, New-coined, eight bushels of them as they thought.

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