Why do you carry out hair elasticity test?

Why do you carry out hair elasticity test?

Elasticity Test The elasticity of hair can determine the condition of the cortex; well-conditioned hair is springy and bouncy. In order to test for elasticity, take a single strand of hair between both thumbs and forefingers and stretch the hair (it may be necessary to detach a hair from the client’s head).

What is the mildest type of Lightner?

oil lighteners

How many primary colors must be present to produce a hair color that looks natural?


What is the most commonly used developer in hair color?

20 volume developer (6% peroxide) The most common force of developer. It is usually used with temporary color and permanent dye. Also suitable for covering 100% white hair.

When the cuticle of the hair is lifted and the hair is overly porous?

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Question Answer
When the cuticle is lifted and the hair is overly porous and takes color quickly, the hair would be said to have ______ high porosity
_______ is described as a property of objects that depends on the light they reflect and is perceived (by the human eye) as red, yellow, blue, or other shades. color

What process lightens hair and deposits color?


Term Activators Definition Powered persulfate salts added to haircolor to increase its lightening ability
Term Single-process haircoloring Definition Process that lightens and deposits color in the hair in single application

What application refers to the first time the hair is colored?

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Question Answer
the term ____ refers to the first time the hair is colored virgin application
which type of melanin lends black and brown colors to hair? eumelanin
a(n) _____ is a powdered lightener that cannot be used directly on the scalp. off-the-scalp lightener

What is the darkest hair color level?

Level 1

When applying hair coloring products do they always follow you?

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Which type of lightener is not used on the scalp? Powder.
When applying hair color products always follow.. Manufacture directions.
A combination of equal parts of prepared tints and shampoo that is applied to the hair like regular shampoo is called a.. Soap cap.

What are the 3 types of hair lighteners?

The three forms of hair lighteners are: Oil, powder, and cream.

What are two methods of parting hair for a foil technique?


Term A system for understanding the relationships of color is called: Definition Law of color
Term The 2 methods of parting for foiling are: Definition Slicing and weaving
Term The technique of coloring strands of hair darker than the natural color is called reverse highlighting or: Definition Lowlighting

Which layer of the hair is sometimes absent from the hair?


What type of hair requires a highly alkaline chemical solution?


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