Why do you think Harper Lee included the story about Mrs Dubose in TKAM?

Why do you think Harper Lee included the story about Mrs Dubose in TKAM?

Duboses’s character serves as a reminder that we need to sympathize with and understand all people, even those who seem detestable at first. Mrs. Dubose is so unlikeable that Jem destroys all of her prized camellia bushes. To punish him, Atticus makes Jem read to her every day for a month.

How is Mrs Dubose described?

Mrs. Dubose is a cranky old lady who lives down the block from Jem and Scout. She sits on her front porch and taunts the children when they pass by. She is generally hateful and argumentative, except when Atticus disarms her by complimenting the flowers in her yard.

Why is Mrs Dubose so important?

Henry Lafayette Dubose teaches the children a lesson in courage. When she dies a month later, Atticus tells Jem that she was “the bravest person [he] ever knew.” The whole episode teaches Jem and Scout that people are not always what they appear to be and that even despicable people can have heroic qualities.

How is Mrs Dubose described Chapter 11?

Dubose, is introduced to the story. Mrs. Dubose is Scout and Jem’s cranky, old neighbor. Everyday when Scout and Jem pass by, she always throws cruel insults at them.

What was Mrs Dubose sick with?

Mrs Dubose is another courageous character. She has been addicted to the painkiller morphine and is determined to be free from this addiction before she dies. Without realising it, when Jem reads to her he is helping her to overcome her addiction.

What does Mrs Dubose gain from this punishment to Jem?

Dubose gain from this “punishment” to Jem? Dubose requests that Jem read to her every afternoon after school and on Saturdays for two hours for a month. Mrs. Dubose gets to hear storys before her death and Jem gains the knowledge of what real courage actually is.

What type of courage does Mrs Dubose teach?

Dubose, she had “real courage,” not the kind that is displayed with a gun. Mrs. Dubose had vowed to kick her morphine addiction before she died, so she decided to go cold turkey. It may have made her more irritable and “cantankerous,” but the pain didn’t matter to her.

Why do Jem and Scout hate Mrs Dubose?

They hate Mrs. Dubose at first because she speaks rudely to them and criticizes Atticus and their family. He encourages Jem to take it easy and reminds Jem that Mrs. Dubose is old and ill.

Why is Mrs Dubose mean?

Mrs. Dubose represents the way most of the town feels about the trial. She is an old woman who continuously yells at Jem and Scout as they pass by her house. The children are afraid of her because of the yelling and they are afraid that she might actually call to them.

How did Jem help Mrs Dubose reach her goal?

After destroying Mrs. Dubose’s camellias, Jem has to clean up the mess he left in the old lady’s garden, apologize, promise to tend to the camellia bushes, and agree to read to her for at least a month. In fact, Jem has to read to Mrs. Dubose for two hours every afternoon after school and on Saturdays.

What was wrong with Mrs Dubose?

Mrs. Dubose dies a little more than a month after Jem’s punishment ends. Atticus reveals to Jem that she was addicted to morphine and that the reading was part of her successful effort to combat this addiction. Dubose had given her maid for Jem; in it lies a single white camellia.

What is the conflict between the children and Mrs Dubose similar to?

Dubose is similar to the challenges Atticus faces while representing Tom Robinson in his upcoming trial. Mrs. Dubose is an unforgiving racist who openly expresses her ignorant views and prejudiced beliefs towards Jem and Scout.

Why is it important to Atticus to defend Tom Robinson?

Atticus defends Tom because he believes in setting an example for Scout, Jem, and others. Atticus thinks it is very important to live in a way that shows Scout how to live by the Golden Rule. Therefore, it makes sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson.

What moral lesson does Jem learn from Mrs Dubose?

Dubose, Jem learns that there is more to people than just what they show on the surface. He also learns the value of self-control. Mrs. Dubose is rude and cantankerous, cruel to the children and openly and vehemently critical of Atticus’s defense of Tom Robinson.

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