Why do you think serving on a jury is a civic duty quizlet?

Why do you think serving on a jury is a civic duty quizlet?

It is respecting and accepting others,regardless of their beliefs,practices,or differences. Why do you think serving on a jury is a CIVIC DUTY? Because all citizens accused of a crime have the right to a jury trial.

Why is serving on a jury important civic duty?

Jury service helps to support fairness in trials; jury service is able to give impartial viewpoints on cases that are presented in court. Jury service is a civic duty and an honored privilege bestowed upon ordinary citizens. We are accountable through our participation in jury service.

What does it mean to do your civic duty?

The concept of civic duty is based on the principle that citizens owe some allegiance to their government and that government in turn protects its citizens. Civic duties refer to the responsibilities of citizens. Some examples of civic duties are obeying the law, serving on a jury, paying taxes and voting.

What are the 4 duties of a jury?

The jury listens to the evidence during a trial, decides what facts the evidence has established, and draws inferences from those facts to form the basis for their decision. The jury decides whether a defendant is “guilty” or “not guilty” in criminal cases, and “liable” or “not liable” in civil cases.

What are judicial directions?

When a claim in a civil court is disputed, the court will give instructions to the parties on how they are to prepare the case. The instructions are known as “directions”.

How well do jurors understand judges instructions to disregard evidence?

In New South Wales (Australia), 94.9% of actual jurors stated that they understood the instructions ‘mostly’ or ‘completely’ (Trimboli, 2008). A New Zealand study found similar results, with 85% of actual jurors believing that the instructions were clear Page 7 Jury instructions 7 (LCNZ, 1999).

Are jury instructions effective?

Jury Instructions Are Important. Successfully arguing that “the law requires” a particular result with respect to evaluation of evidence or the ultimate verdict is a very effective way to persuade fellow jurors.

How can jurors understanding be increased?

The use of a pre‑trial focus group is a highly effective way of finding what background information jurors will want to know during the actual trial. During this discussion, the participants will raise all sorts of questions, similar to the questions a jury would raise.

Can jury give death penalty?

Generally, the decision of the jury must be unanimous in order to sentence the defendant to death. If the jury cannot unanimously agree on a sentence, the judge can declare the jury deadlocked and impose the lesser sentence of life without parole. In some states, a judge can still impose a death sentence.

Who can impose the death penalty?

It ruled that the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling on death sentencing requires that the ultimate choice of life or death can only be made by a jury, not a judge.

What happens when the jury Cannot decide?

If the jurors cannot agree on a verdict, a hung jury results, leading to a mistrial. The case is not decided, and it may be tried again at a later date before a new jury. Or the plaintiff or government may decide not to pursue the case further and there will be no subsequent trial.

Does a jury trial have to be unanimous?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that jury verdicts in trials for serious crimes must be unanimous. Two states, Louisiana and Oregon, allowed defendants to be convicted on divided votes.

How long can a jury take to reach a verdict?

“Basically, it’s up to the jury how long you deliberate, how long you need to come to a unanimous decision on any count.” So far, the 12 jurors — six white, four Black and two who identify as multiracial — have deliberated for four hours. A verdict could come as soon as Tuesday or stretch into next week or beyond.

How long does it take the jury to reach a verdict in To Kill a Mockingbird?

That jury took a few hours. An inevitable verdict, maybe, but usually it takes ’em just a few minutes (Lee, 226).

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