Why do you think Tomochichi was given a British military funeral upon his death?

Why do you think Tomochichi was given a British military funeral upon his death?

On October 5, 1739, Tomochichi died after suffering from a serious illness. Oglethorpe held a military funeral to honor Tomochichi because of the chief’s help in establishing the Colony of Georgia. The Yamacraw chieftain had expressed a desire to be buried in the town he helped to create.

What did Tomochichi give to James Oglethorpe?

Tomochichi helped the colonists lay out roads, including the first one from Savannah to Darien (or New Inverness) to the south. He also aided Oglethorpe as a mediator between the Yamacraw and surrounding tribes and the British colonists. Portrait of James Edward Oglethorpe.

What did Tomochichi give the king and queen of England?

Tomochichi wanted his people to be educated. There, Tomochichi expertly fulfilled the position as mediator for his people during numerous meetings with important British dignitaries. He met King George II at Kensington Palace on August 1, 1734, and gave the King eagle feathers as a token of peace.

What is one reason why Tomochichi was chosen as a leader of the creeks?

John Musgrove’s wife Mary Musgrove had an English father and Creek mother and served as interpreter between the English and the Indians. Mico Tomochichi was happy to have the colonists settle near them because it was an opportunity for his people to trade with and to establish diplomatic connections with the English.

Why is Tomochichi famous?

Tomochichi was the head chief of the Yamacraw Indians beginning in 1728. He is most notable in Georgia’s history for helping the English establish a settlement in Savannah, and for his contributions to the success of Georgia’s colony.

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