Why does Hua Cheng call Xie Lian Gege?

Why does Hua Cheng call Xie Lian Gege?

You can’t get any more Opposites Attract than a romantic relationship between a literal god and a demon. They have each have an Affectionate Nickname for each other: San Lang for Hua Cheng, and Dianxia or Gege for Xie Lian. The fact that the two of them literally have a Red String of Fate on their fingers.

What is Gege English?

Gege (Manchu: ᡤᡝᡤᡝ; Chinese: 格格; pinyin: Gégé; Wade–Giles: Ko2-ko2) is the Manchurian word for an unmarried daughter. A gege could also be a daughter of imperial princess, even if she was promoted to gulun or heshuo princess.

What is Mei Mei in Japanese?

明々- Meimei – 明 means “bright”.

Is Maki stronger than Mai?

Mai is Maki’s sister. Although she is not as strong as Maki she still packs a punch. She has a little more cursed energy than her sister but mainly used a revolver as her primary weapon. She is also very sharp-tongued but is indeed a good mention to the list of Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters.

Who is the traitor in JJK?

Mechamaru revealed to be a traitor She tells Gojo that Mechamaru or Kokichi Muta, a second-year at Kyoto Jujutsu High, is the traitor. We know that Kokichi’s actual body is elsewhere while he controls a cursed corpse, Mechamaru. His ability is wide-range that can cover the entire nation due to Heavenly Restriction.

Who killed Nanami?


Are Gojos rich?

Not to mention he is from one of the three main sorcerer families. Yes, Yes he’s rich. And even if he wasn’t, it’d be more so an issue of him not wanting to be rich, as he has an infinite amount of ways to get payed.

Is Gojo a traitor?

Satoru Gojo has been deemed an accomplice in the Shibuya Incident and is thus permanently exiled from the Jujutsu world. Furthermore, removing his seal [on the Prison Realm] will be considered a criminal act.

Is Gojo a bad guy?

After much speculation, it is finally confirmed in Chapter #134 that the person, or brain, that is occupying Geto’s body is actually an infamously evil sorcerer from over 150 years ago, Noritoshi Kamo.

Is Gojo stronger than Goku?

And if we’re going with current Goku in the manga he can use the Hakai, which should be able to kill Gojo since it isn’t really a projectile. If bloodlusted Goku could blow up the planet. Basically Gojo could win, but he won’t win.

Is noritoshi Kamo evil?

Noritoshi Kamo also known as Suguru Geto is one of the primary antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga series. He is an unknown evil sorcerer who swapped bodies of many sorcerers in each generation with the current body being Suguru Geto being his latest one.

Can Gojo beat sukuna?

Gojo would probably beat current Sukuna. Currently, Base Sukuna has no counters to Infinity (except his poison, but if he was capable of using it, he woulda dropped it on 8 handles instead of using Dismantle or Domain Expansion).

Who is stronger Rika or sukuna?

Rika is definitely strong and could probably beat sukuna but not at sukunas 100%. She would be stronger than him but only when talking about sukuna having maybe half his fingers or a little more. Rika is strong by herself but to truly be the monster (in strength) that she is she needs to be used in tandem with okkotsu.

Is anyone stronger than Gojo?

Currently there is no one stronger than him, not even Sukuna. Geto did said that releashing Sukuna is only a contingency plan if they failed on sealing Gojo, which means relashing Sukuna won’t benefit them as much as sealing Gojo.

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