Why does Lois not understand Stewie?

Why does Lois not understand Stewie?

As made clear in the pilot episode, Stewie’s matricidal tendencies are a result of Lois constantly (and unwittingly) thwarting his schemes, and so he desires to kill her to carry out his plans without her interference.

What episode is Stewie born again?

Yug Ylimaf

“Yug Ylimaf”
Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 11 Episode 4
Directed by John Holmquist
Written by Mark Hentemann

Why did Batman kill Darkseid?

Basically Bruce’s armor was too powerful, and he outsmarted Darkseid. He tricked Darkseid into shooting his omega beams at him, but Bruce used the shard to absorb the omega force and redirect it at him, which resulted in Darkseid’s defeat.

Who can defeat Doomsday?

I don’t think there is one who would be able to defeat Doomsday all by themselves. I mean, out of the whole Justice League, only Wonder Woman and Superman were able to hold themselves against Doomsday. Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter and AquaMan were quickly defeated.

Who would win Darkseid or Galactus?

Galactus is several orders of magnitude beyond Darkseid. this is a complete stomp. Darkseid is relatively weak in DC Comics- more comparable to Thanos (who is based on Darkseid). Galactus would be a better match for Imperiex, Trigon, or the Anti-Monitor.

Can darkseid beat Hulk?

1 WOULD LOSE TO: Darkseid While the Hulk’s immense strength gives him as good a chance as anyone against Darkseid, Darkseid’s Omega Beams would be the deciding factor. The Hulk may survive a blast or two from them, but the more he’s hit with them the more of a toll they’ll take.

Can Omega beams kill Hulk?

He can. It’s important to remember that the Omega Beams are one of the most destructive forces in comics, so simply being tough isn’t enough to survive them. Fortunately Hulk is on another level when it comes to being tough.

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