Why does Montag keep thinking about the ventilator grille?

Why does Montag keep thinking about the ventilator grille?

Books are illegal to own in Bradbury’s dystopian society, which is why Montag is forced to hide the novels behind his ventilator grill. He believes that the ventilator is an adequate hiding spot to place the books, and he stares directly at the grill several times in part one when he begins to question his happiness.

What page is the ventilator grille in Fahrenheit 451?

What is the significance of the references to the ventilator grille on pages 10,27, and 34 of “Fahrenheit 451”? – eNotes.com.

What is in Montag’s vent?

Expert Answers Hidden inside the air vent in Montag’s hallway is a collection of books that he has stolen. In fact, there are about twenty books hidden inside the air vent, each one taken from homes that he and his colleagues have incinerated.

What do Mildred and Montag mainly do with the books he hidden in the ventilator?

After Beatty leaves, Montag shows Mildred the stash of 20 books he’s been hiding in the vent and tells her he doesn’t want to be a fireman anymore. Mildred becomes upset and wants to burn the books, but Montag wants them to read them before burning them.

How many books are hidden in the ventilator?

After Beatty leaves, Montag tells Mildred that he no longer wants to work at the fire station and shows her a secret stock of about twenty books he has been hiding in the ventilator.

Does Mildred incinerate the books from the ventilator?

Expert Answers At the end of Part One, Montag pulls down about twenty books from the ventilator of his home. Mildred is initially terrified to learn that her husband has been hiding contraband books in their house and attempts to throw the novels into the incinerator.

What lays behind the ventilator grill which seems to peer down at him?

The ventilator grille is first mentioned a few pages into the story as Montag returns home from work, “He stood looking up at the ventilator grille in the hall and suddenly remembered that something lay hidden behind the grille.” This is the vented grille in the ceiling that allows the heat and air conditioning into …

Why does Montag hide his book collection in the backyard?

He hides his books in his backyard, hoping that removing them from the home he shares with his book-burning wife will ensure their safety. Montag’s realization at this time that Mildred has been destroying his books motivates him to take them out of the house.

What happens to firemen who get caught with books?

In Montag’s world, books are banned and anyone who is caught with one in their possession, will have it confiscated and burned by the firemen.

How many of Clarisse’s friends have died in the past year?

What has happened to all of Clarisse’s friends? They are killing each other. 6 have been shot in the last year and 10 of them have died in car wrecks. Who seems to be directing Montag’s remarks at the fire station?

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