Why does the poet want freedom for his country?

Why does the poet want freedom for his country?

Answer : The poet wants freedom for his country because being free from the shackles of ignorance and narrow-mindedness would take it to the heights of success and it will create a name for itself in the whole world. Without freedom the people of his country cannot progress and hence the nation will not progress.

What kind of freedom does the poet mention in the poem?

As apparent in the poem, the poet did not want merely political freedom for his countrymen. Rather, he wanted a kind of spiritual freedom, a sense of self dignity. He wanted people to be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, active, broad-minded and logical.

What is the dead habit according to the poet?

Ans: According to the poet dead habit means a country which has not lost the right path in the dreary desert of old traditional rituals and customs that are harmful for the country and the society.

Who is the poet of the poem work is worship?

Rabindranath Tagore

What does the poet mean by open thine eyes?

What does the poet mean by ‘Open Thine eyes’? Answer: The poet means to say that we should understand the fact that if we want to please god we must work hard in sun and shower.

Why does the poet say that trees are kind?

Answer: poet calls the trees kind because it gives us fresh air,food etc.

What does the poet want us to live and why?

Poet wants to turn into animals and live with them because they are innocent, calm and quiet. They are self satisfied and happy in their surroundings. They are more loving and caring than humans. Humans have chosen to ignore these basic aspects of humanity and have instead become selfish and self-centered.

Who does the poet address to in the poem?

The poem “The Heart of the Tree” is addressed to the readers. The poet does not use any second person pronoun like ‘you’. But, he just asks the same question “What does he plant who plants a tree?” in the opening line of each stanza and attempts to answer it by himself.

What does the poet address?

Why does the poet address the poem to his son?

Why does the poet address the poem to his son? The poet is sad that he belongs to a fake society, fake expressions and smile. He doesn’t want his son to have this hollowness of the society. So he addresses his poem to his son, in the poem.

Why does the Lark rejoice?

In the lark’s song, the human “millions rejoice/For giving their one spirit voice”. Yet there are those revered human lives, made substantial by trials and in loving the earth, which though themselves unsinging yet come forth as a song worthy to greet heaven.

Why is The Lark Ascending so popular?

“It’s got the folk element, it’s got beautiful melodies, the poem is such a beautiful one by George Meredith,” Pike says. “And the way Vaughan Williams creates these images of the lark with music is incredible. It’s nostalgic as well with the backdrop of World War One.

Who wrote Lark Ascending?

Ralph Vaughan Williams

How long does the Lark Ascending last?


What instruments are used in The Lark Ascending?

The orchestral version is scored for solo violin with an orchestra of two flutes, one oboe, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, triangle and strings.

Why do larks ascend?

If you’ve ever stood near a major airport and watched the planes ascend into the sky, you’ll have had a sense of the amazement of one of the skylark’s greatest feats. The small, brown bird climbs vertically into the sky: a territorial tactic used by male skylarks to show their strength.

When was the Lark Ascending written?


What nationality is Ralph Vaughan Williams?


Where did Vaughan Williams live?


What era is Vaughan Williams?

Ralph Vaughan Williams, (born October 12, 1872, Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, England—died August 26, 1958, London, England), English composer in the first half of the 20th century, founder of the nationalist movement in English music.

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