Why does turnitin take forever to upload?

Why does turnitin take forever to upload?

To submit your paper without getting stuck, please switch to a different browser. We suggest either Chrome or Firefox. If you are in either Chrome or Firefox and are experiencing this issue, please clear your cache, this usually corrects the problem.

Why is turnitin not uploading?

The assignment settings may be preventing you from submitting your paper. If the due date has passed and your assignment does not allow for late submissions, you will not be able to submit. If you are attempting to resubmit, it is possible that your assignment settings only allow for one submission per student.

How do I send a corrupt file on Turnitin?

Turning in a corrupted file Close the file and reopen it. If the file was successfully corrupted, for Windows users, you will see ” The document path is invalid” while Mac users a ”Convert File” dialog box will appear. Then submit the corrupted file via Turnitin and begin completing the real assignment.

What happens when you drop a class in Turnitin?

Deleting a class will prevent students and instructors from accessing previous submissions, grades, and comments. Instructors may instead expire a class by changing the class end date to a date in the past (e.g. yesterday). Expired classes are archived as view-only, and no further modifications will be allowed.

How do I recover deleted files on Turnitin?

Restoring from the trash

  1. Select Trash from the sidebar.
  2. Select the item(s) you’d like to restore. You can restore multiple items at once using the checkboxes.
  3. Hit Restore from the top of the page to restore your selected item(s) to My Files. All restored items will be restored to their original location.

How do I edit my Turnitin?

This page is available in: Select a course from the Course List. From the left-hand navigation, select Content under your course title. Alongside the assignment you wish to edit, select the arrow icon, then select Edit. Edit the assignment via the same method in which it was created.

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