Why is Hermione mad at Ron in Deathly Hallows?

Why is Hermione mad at Ron in Deathly Hallows?

While I think this may be a movie-only line, She likely means that she is in love with him and sees him for who he has potential to be… she ‘is mad at him’ because she is frustrated by Ron failing to meet the standards she expects of him; for being a idiotic young man.

How did Ron react to Hermione getting tortured?

A few examples, Ron is thrashing about screaming “HERMIONE! HERMIONE!” Picturing Ron screaming that way for Hermione made me super emotional. It is abundantly clear that Ron loves Hermione, and the thought of her hurt is killing him. In the movie, he’s relatively calm.

Why is Ron weird in Deathly Hallows?

Because Ron was having jealous delusions, like he did in Goblet of Fire when he believed that Harry had entered the tournament on purpose. Ron thought that Harry was holding out information on him, and that Harry and Hermione had a “thing” going on.

Are Harry and Ron still friends?

During the filming of the Harry Potter films, the first of which was released in 2001, the actors who starred in the saga managed to become real friends – many of them still meet and communicate with each other. …

Why is Ron the worst?

Because of Ron’s tendency to be insecure, he could also be highly jealous. This often was a problem in romantic relationships, but he could also be jealous in his friendships. His jealousy of Harry led him to stop being friends with Harry when Harry was announced as a Hogwarts champion.

Was Harry jealous of Ron and Hermione?

He finally realizes that perhaps jealousy is not the way to Hermione’s heart. By this point, it is clear that Harry and Hermione mean a lot to Ron, more than almost anything else. But Ron still has a lot of insecurities, and Horcruxes prey on a person’s insecurities. And the locket Horcrux preys on Ron in particular.

Why is Ron so jealous?

Ron Weasley is jealous and envious of Harry because he grew up constantly getting overlooked. Ron has 6 siblings most of them older then him. This would cause Ron to never be the center of attention. He also never gets anything new due to his family’s money situation.

Why is Ron so mean?

Because he is a teenager, and that is how teenagers act. Puberty makes people go through various emotions, and Ron is definitely going through puberty. These emotions are one reason for him being mean to Hermione. His immaturity is another reason.

Does Ron ever cry in Harry Potter?

Ron made Hermione cry when he ignored her in the empty classroom while Harry was trying to confort her. Ron made Hermione cry when he made fun of her during the Transfiguration class.

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