Why is it called a Soulpatch?

Why is it called a Soulpatch?

The soul patch has its roots in the beatnik fashion of the fifties, when hipsters and artists artfully cultivated hair under their lip. The facial hair was associated with the artistic intensity of the beatniks and jazz. From there, it was easy for the jazz dab to become the soul patch.

Why do guys have a soul patch?

The point of a soul patch is to remain isolated from the rest of the beard. This is what gives it that additional prominence. There are plenty of beard styles that do incorporate some hair beneath the lower lip. This isn’t intentional – it’s just something that most bearded men have.

What’s the hair above your lip called?


What does having a soul patch mean?

: a small growth of beard under a man’s lower lip.

Should you shave your soul patch?

Sometimes called a “flavor saver” (which is by far the worst name for a beard ever and should be reason enough to make haste to the barber shop if you have one), the soul patch is a face faux pas. We hate to break it to you but that stray strip of hair is utterly soul-less and should be removed immediately.

Are goatees attractive?

A lot of women feel that goatees by themselves are not attractive on most men’s faces. They dislike goatees in comparison to both clean-shaven or fully-bearded faces. Stubble goatees, for instance, are still very popular. Plus, some face shapes are perfectly suited to goatees and both men and women do appreciate that.

How long should your soul patch be?

Using a full-size trimmer, bring your facial hair down to around 3-5mm, leaving the hair on the soul patch region under your lip longer.

Are goatees making a comeback?

The goatee is making a comeback — and it’s ‘edgier and rougher’ than ever before. THEY may be associated with the grungy slacker styles of the ’90s, but goatees are making a comeback in a modern makeover as the latest hot grooming trend.

How do I make my soul patch thicker?

How do I make my soul patch thicker?

  1. Make use of a full-size trimmer.
  2. Get a Precision Trimmer.
  3. Go for some precision work.
  4. You can also make use of a Beard Stubble Trimmer.
  5. Use rotary shaver to shave.

Why is there no beard under my lip?

It’s likely due to your genetics (as some men can completely fill their beards underlip naturally and others won’t), hormone levels, and age, but the full reason as to why there’s no beard under the lip on so many guys remains a mystery.

How common is female facial hair?

“While genetics and hormones play a role for men too, it is considered much more usual for men to have facial hair.” Hirsutism, a condition when women have an excess of male hormones (and the facial hair that comes with it), is fairly common and affects approximately 7 percent of women in the US.

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