Why is it important to check your tire pressure?

Why is it important to check your tire pressure?

So it’s no surprise that tire pressure influences many important characteristics of vehicle performance, such as: driving comfort, directional stability, cornering and braking grip, plus the general handling behavior. So it’s important to monitor tire pressure with frequency to ensure optimal performance.

When checking tire pressure the most accurate pressure is?

Tire manufacturers suggest checking tires when they’re cold for the most accurate reading. Outside temperatures can cause tire pressure to vary by as much as 1 psi per 10 degrees; higher temperatures mean higher psi readings.

Why is it important to check your tire pressure as the seasons change?

Tire pressure is important to check especially as the seasons change from summer to fall and into winter. As you know as the seasons change so does outside air temperature which will affect tire pressure. These temperature swings wreak havoc with tire pressure.

When should you check tire pressure?

Edmunds states you should check the pressure when the tires are cold, as the friction from driving causes them to heat up and affects the pressure. Check them first thing in the morning or, if you’re already driven the car, Consumer Reports recommends waiting at least three hours for the tires to cool down.

Why is my tire light on but tires are full?

In most cases, the warning light may be triggered by a tire that is 10% to 15% low in air pressure. Cold or icy weather also has a tendency to lower the air pressure inside the tires. Taking the car for a short drive will heat up the tires and increase the tire pressure.

How much does it cost to replace TPMS battery?

On most applications, the battery is molded into the TPMS sensor assembly so it cannot be replaced separately. Consequently, if the battery is run down or dead, the entire TPMS sensor has to be replaced — at a cost that may range from $50 up to $150 or more depending on the application and type of sensor.

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