Why is Shimla is much colder than Ludhiana?

Why is Shimla is much colder than Ludhiana?

The temperature of a place varies with the altitude. Shimla and Ludhiana are on the same latitude This is because Shimla is located on a higher altitude, i.e. 2205m above the sea level while Ludhiana is only 244m above the sea level.

Why is Shimla colder?

Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer because the temperature decreases with the height at a rate of 1oC for every 165m of ascend.

Why is Shimla colder than Chandigarh?

“After the recent snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, cold winds blowing down from the hills are cooling Chandigarh. Moisture content in Shimla was on the higher side than in Chandigarh, where the sky was clear,” said Surender Paul, director, India Meteorological Department, Chandigarh.

Why is Shimla cooler than Mumbai?

Shimla and Ludhiana lie on the same latitude but Shimla is cooler than Ludhiana because Shimla is located at a higher altitude, i.e. at 2205 m above the sea level while Ludhiana is only 244 m above the sea level. Therefore, Mumbai, located on the west coast has a much less annual range of temperature than Nagpur.

Is Shimla cooler than Delhi?

(c) (i) Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer as it is located at a higher altitude than that of Delhi. Thus due to Normal Lapse Rate, Shimla enjoys a cooler climate than Delhi.

What type of climate is experienced in India?

1) In India a tropical wet and dry climate is more common. Noticeably drier than areas with a tropical monsoon climate, it prevails over most of inland peninsular India except for a semi arid rain shadow east of the Western Ghats.

Which city is coldest in world?


Where is snow in India right now?

March will bring spring to the lower Himalayas, and when April rolls in, most of the snow will have melted off your favourite winter destinations. The good news is that Gulmarg, Shimla, Mussoorie, Landour, Ladakh and Manali are still getting some snowfall right now.

Where can we expect snow this weekend in India?

10 places in India to see snowfall in December and January

  • MANALI, HIMACHAL PRADESH. Manali is a favourite tourist location. (

Does it ever snow in India?

Like all other parts of the world, snowfall in India is synonymous with bewitching sceneries, often seen in wallpapers and calendars. But if you really want to experience the same, the best snow season in India is during the winter months of December to February.

Can snowfall occur in Delhi?

Snow is a practical impossibility for Delhi (and the rest of Northern Plains) due to very dry nature of its winter- the coldest conditions happen under clear skies when icy winds rush in from the Himalayas, and a cloud cover (which is necessary for causing snowfall) rather warms the city by trapping heat, thereby …

Is there snowfall in Kufri today?

Issued: 4 am 14 Jul 2021 (local time). The snow forecast for Kufri is: Heavy rain (total 39.0mm), heaviest during Fri morning. Warm (max 20°C on Fri afternoon, min 17°C on Wed morning).

Why is Kufri famous?

Kufri is a tiny hill station located near Shimla. It is famous for its trekking and hiking trails. Adventure-seeking travelers throng Kufri in winters to enjoy skiing and tobogganing along its snow-covered slopes. Kufri is also famous for its nature parks and picnic spots.

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