Why school and colleges have aims and values?

Why school and colleges have aims and values?

School values and a strong ethos should underpin all that you do. School values can help pupils understand right from wrong and they can also help to shape the mindsets and behaviour of future adults. So their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

What are schools aims and values?

To provide a caring, secure and stimulating learning environment in which every child can develop as an individual: intellectually, socially, morally, emotionally and physically; To provide access to a broad, balanced, engaging, nationally-and-locally-relevant Curriculum for each child.

Why do schools have aims?

Help children have a positive and confident attitude towards themselves and a belief in their abilities in order to achieve their full potential. Help children to learn tolerance and respect for other people, their beliefs and their belongings.

What are the values of a school?

School Values

  • Learning. We value inquiry and intellectual growth of all students and staff, recognising their different learning needs, encouraging them to be creative, engaged and lifelong learners.
  • Diversity.
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.
  • Spirituality.
  • Leadership.
  • A sense of community.

How do you teach values in school?

Check out how we can teach good moral values to students at an early age.

  1. Be a role model for your children.
  2. Create a caring environment.
  3. Share personal experiences.
  4. Teach them to be accountable for mistakes.
  5. Encourage them to help others.
  6. Monitor the television use.
  7. Monitor the Internet use.

What is the importance of moral values in life?

Moral values can give meaning and purpose to your life. You are able to direct your behavior towards beneficial and fulfilling activities. When you live your life according to moral values that are based on honesty, compassion, courage, modesty, and forgiveness, then you can also form positive bonds with other people.

What are the most important moral values of student?

Respect and self-respect One of the most important moral values for kids is respect and self-respect. They need to make it a point not to criticise people who have different opinions.

Why morality is important in our daily life?

A person whose morality is reflected in his willingness to do the right thing-even if it hard or dangerous is ethical. Morality protects life and is respectful of others – all others. Whenever moral values are taught, that will guide them in their decision making and their problem solving.

What are the common values?

17 Common Values

  • Integrity (Ethics, Honesty)
  • Respect (Trust, Dignity)
  • Excellence (Quality, Performance)
  • Responsibility (Accountability, Commitment)
  • Teamwork (Collaboration, Cooperation)
  • Innovation (Creativity, Ingenuity)
  • Achievement (Results, Success)
  • Fairness (Diversity, Inclusive)

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