Women and levels of discrimination in Spanish society

Mujeres y niveles de discriminación en la sociedad española

Source: CEMAV, Center of Design and Production of Audiovisual Media, of the UNED.


In some areas, it speaks of discrimination as something to overcome, but research with a gender perspective, provide data that indicate that much remains to achieve equality, especially in the field of reconciliation of family and work. The education is proposed as the best option to break the inertia that keeps the discrimination and inequality in all areas.



Technical data sheet CHANNEL-UNED:

  • Program: NO DISTANCES
  • Space: Education
  • Title: Women and levels of discrimination in Spanish society
  • Date issued: February 06, 2011
  • Participants:
    • Teresa Bardisa Ruiz, professor of the Faculty of Education (UNED).
    • Consuelo del Val Cid, professor of the Faculty of CC. Policy and Sociology (UNED).
    • María Luisa García de Cortázar Nebreda, professor of Sociology (Faculty of CC. Policy and Sociology, UNED).
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